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We've helped 100k+ job seekers create a resume. These articles share tips on resumes, the job search, and more

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6 best easy-to-follow resume advice compiled into one infographic to optimize your resume.

7 ways to Improve An Entry Level Resume with Rezi

Suppose you’re looking to break into the IT support world, or are already there and want to improve your chances at a promotion or a new opportunity, you probably already know that a great resume is a place to start. Here's how to tailor your resume for fortune 500 companies like Google.

6 Common Resume Mistakes And How To Stand Out

We’ve noticed that everyone makes the same mistakes while writing their resume. Here are some useful resume tips from the past three years of reviewing and writing thousands of resumes.

24 Ways to Optimize Your Resume for every job

Companies receive hundreds of resumes for any given role, and 75% are never read by an actual human. Most companies today use resume screening software, or Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to quickly filter and rank your resume based on its relevance to the job description. These tips will help you to get your interview.