et’s dive in and look at a sample entry-level tech support resume example.

In this case, we have an entry-level job seeker looking for the first full-time job post-graduation in tech support.

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Regular resume before Rezi optimization

This a hirable resume for the following reasons:

  1. Relevant education
  2. Relevant, yet limited, internships and professional experience
  3. Diverse technical skill set
  4. Self-directed side projects

All content on this resume indicates the job seeker is at the least, a suitable candidate to interview.

To further improve the resume:

  1. Optimize resume formatting to allow for more content
  2. Add missing information to the projects section
  3. Using Rezi AI for keyword targeting based on a specific job description

Rezi optimised ATS resume for entry level jobs
Rezi optimized resume

Use professional ATS Optimized resumes templates that
follow the exact resume best practices employers look for

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