Why is ATS resume building important?

Well, typically, this is the first question that will come to your mind. Most think that just jotting down what has been done and achieved is enough for a resume.Here is where the problem arises, as this resume will not cater to the job specifications or requirements. The keywords are crucial to getting shortlisted based on your resume. The companies don’t have time to look through hundreds and thousands of resumes. This situation is where Rezi’s ATS is convenient for companies. It helps companies eliminate resumes that do not contain job specific data. The ATS matches the job's essential requirements (words) with the resume and accepts or rejects candidates based on this. So, from a candidate's point of view, it is necessary to differentiate his/her resume from hundreds of other applicants. The resume must be built keeping the role of the job in mind.

Questions that come to mind while building a resume

1.    What things should I add to the resume? And In what order should they be added?

2.    Is the resume grammatically correct?

3.    Will I be able to recognize the mistakes? Or find the errors?

4.    How to make my resume stand out from others?

While making a resume, these are some of the crucial topics an individual should lookout for. Rezi resume building app helps with each and every point mentioned above. Like, for the 1st point, a number of predetermined formats are available in the library section of the Rezi app. The formats or structures are even categorized in various specific areas such as Engineering, Marketing,Finance, Programming, etc.

Common Mistakes

A few of the common mistakes to look out for are: see if you have written enough content or not or if you have written too much. Usually,interviewers and managers prefer one pager resume. Since they have several resumes to look through, crisp and to the point points in the resume are advised. Write only relevant content (job-specific). Look out for Grammatical errors or typo errors. Check if Contact information is provided or not, give a link to your other portfolios such as LinkedIn, social media accounts, etc. These are some common areas where people make mistakes and this is where rezi is useful. It points out the errors, so an individual does not have to check repeatedly to find the errors. The Rezi app helps in reducing a lot of time spent on re-correcting the resume.

Here is a detailed list of common mistakes and how to fix them

Benefits of using Rezi software

Rezi's Resume building software helps you with having a predetermined format. While creating a resume,a step by step process is followed and all you have to do is provide data as per the questions asked. After filling in the data, you can see a preview of all the data combined on a single page in the selected format.

While building a resume in Rezi software, all sections of a resume are in a predetermined format:


With this format's help, it makes it easy on the candidate's side to jot down his/her points or even add points that they might not have added previously. Also, even if you have forgotten to add something, for example, let’s say, work experience, all you have to do is add this in the Experience section, and Rezi software will reflect this correction in the final resume. There is no need to make the whole resume again. Any modification or addition gets automatically reflected in the finish up section (in the final sheet).

In the finish up section errors, mistakes, data to be corrected, etc., are shown. This is the most useful tool you will find, which helps update your resume and convert the resume from a beginner level to a professional level.

In the finish up section, even a score is given to the resume. This score helps you know where it is that your resume is lacking. Just keep editing and adding to the resume to correct the errors and aim for a 100 score, this score of 100 guarantees a perfect build of the resume. After you are done with the finish up section, you can download the resume in PDF and word format any number of times.


Some of the other features are:

  • Many samples available in the library.
  • In the Rezi app, new formats specific to certain jobs are updated periodically as per the latest trend in the industry.
  • Option to get your resume written by professionals.
  • After completion of creating a resume, you can even have your resume reviewed by industry experts.
  • Follow best practices in the industry.
  • Unlimited downloads.
  • Affordable plans

Here is a list of complete features of Rezi


A Resume gives valuable insight about you to the interviewer. Even before speaking, this is the first impression you make of yourself. So as the saying goes, “First Impression is the Last Impression.”

A recruiter will not read through all the resumes, so you only have 5-6 seconds to standout and this is where Rezi Resumes helps.

Finally, the main point of having a high-quality resume is to differentiate yourself from hundreds and thousands of applicant's resumes.Getting selected in an interview depends on many other factors but reaching this point depends on your resume. A resume may correspond to 2% of your success in getting selected for a job but logically thinking, this is the most critical thing, i.e., at least to have a chance to show your skills.

Use professional ATS Optimized resumes templates that
follow the exact resume best practices employers look for