resume is a professional document that can lead you to your dream job. When applying for roles, it is important to use a properly-formatted resume template that stands out while accurately highlighting your experience. For many, creating a resume is a very complex and time-consuming task.

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Rezi Standard Resume Format

There are many things to consider before deciding on a resume template, such as your work history, relevant experience, education, and skill set. Today, job seekers also need to ensure their resume is compatible with applicant tracking systems (ATS).

With more than 90% of Fortune 500 Companies using ATS to screen candidates, it is more important than ever to use a properly formatted template.

What Resume Template Should I Use?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply enter your information into an already-formatted resume template and be done? That is why we created Rezi. This software provides you with a free resume template that you can easily edit, organize, and tailor to any job.

Rezi was designed to give job seekers a fast and reliable way to make a resume in minutes. Here are five reasons why Rezi is the best free resume builder.

1. Rezi is designed to pass Applicant Tracking Systems

Most of the resume templates you will find online are outdated and very few are designed to pass ATS. With Rezi, you can easily create an ATS-friendly resume that can be accurately read and understood. Our software even tells you which skills and keywords ATS software is searching for. You can then add these missing items to your resume and improve your chances of being selected for an interview.

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2. Rezi can analyze your resume content in real-time

According to CareerBuilder, 77% of employers will immediately reject a resume with mistakes, and 58% of resumes today contain at least one error. Rezi can identify formatting errors such as spacing mistakes, font size, line height, bullet points, incorrect section ordering, and more. Our Rezi Score software grades your resume based on parameters specific to correct these common mistakes.

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3. Rezi has a team of experienced writing experts

Writing an effective resume can be completely unnatural for most people. Oftentimes, we see talented job seekers create their resume with mistakes that might ruin an otherwise perfect resume. With Rezi, our team of professional resume writers will ensure that your resume is free of mistakes. You can read more about Rezi Resume Reviews here.

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4. Rezi users have received offers from Google, Dropbox, and Microsoft

Leading companies like Google, Dropbox, and Microsoft receive millions of job applications each year. Based on the number of applicants compared to hires, landing a job at one of these companies is more competitive than getting into Harvard. Rezi has defied these odds by helping our users get hired in competitive roles at each of these companies.

Check out our previous blog post with examples of Rezi Resumes That Received Offers in the Real World

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5. Rezi also supports cover letters

In addition to resumes, Rezi also allows you to edit, duplicate, and organize as many job-specific and tailored versions of your cover letters as your job search requires. If you’re new to writing a cover letter, our team can create one that matches your experience to the values of a company, explaining why you are the perfect fit.

Get Started

An outdated resume template is one way that job seekers risk getting rejected. If you’re not using a modern and properly-formatted template, your resume will likely lack the specificity that employers and ATS software is looking for.

Are you ready to create a resume you, and employers, will love? Join the thousands of job-seekers who use Rezi. Sign up now and create your free resume in minutes.

Use professional ATS Optimized resumes templates that
follow the exact resume best practices employers look for

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