Named The Onion’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2014 and featured in the popular movie, The Interview, Kim Jong Un has become one of the most widely talked about leaders in the modern-day, often being featured on Twitter by President Trump.

Some of the greatest claims have been that Kim Jong Un free-climbed an active volcano, and also has found the Unicorn lair that proves that Pyongyang was the first capital ever established in the world.

If negotiations fail, will Kim Jong Un need to hit the job search? What would his resume look like? Who knows… but let’s take a look at a hypothetical resume of accomplishments, education, and everything else.

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Elements of a hireable resume

Formatting is consistent.

White space is used to the full extent without sacrificing ability to quickly identify key information.

Content is robust.

Keep in mind that adding details will make you competitive.

Content is tailored to the job description.

Make sure your resume articulate the basic duties and responsibilities required for the position.

Use professional ATS Optimized resumes templates that
follow the exact resume best practices employers look for