Full Stack Engineer Resume — Entry Level

Full-Stack Software Engineer |

  • Added a new feature to the CAI product which enables more than 1000 customers to directly query the database without being parsed. Leveraged knowledge in JavaScript, Java, MySQL, XML in order to finish the feature end to end.
  • Resolved more than 100 bugs that highly improvised the user experience on the application.
  • Fixed the issues that improved the security of the application by reducing its vulnerability to attacks.

Associate Software Engineer |

  • Added a new feature to the CAI product which enables more than 1000 customers to directly query the database without being parsed.
  • Leveraged knowledge in JavaScript, Java, MySQL, XML in order to finish the feature end to end.
  • Resolved more than 100 bugs that highly improvised the user experience on the application.
  • Fixed the issues that improved the security of the application by reducing its vulnerability to attacks.

Software Development Engineer — Intern

  • Worked on the User Interface of a monitoring tool that enables more than 1000 CAI customers to give a bird’s eye view of their usage.
  • Improved the readability of the product for Japanese Customers which helped them make most out of the product.
  • Validated more than 1000 customer’s assets post-migration from old ICRT.
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2 — Software Engineer Resume — Senior Experienced

Software Engineer |

  • Involvement in architectural discussions and research between developers to identify software platform weaknesses, devising potential improvements, and exercising analytical thinking skills to determine incremental and realistic approach to achieve future technical goals.
  • Analysing existing utilization of third party software and refactoring into high quality reusable libraries which simplify usage for developers, resulting in improved productivity and platform stability by abstracting nuances into common familiar patterns.
  • Modernising existing CI/CD pipelines to utilise the advantage of current industry standards, allowing developers to safely customise pipelines to meet individual microservice requirements, and providing high availability deployments and automated rollbacks.

Software Engineer |

  • Designing and building microservices according to architect’s specifications, researching existing tools and services built within the enterprise and leverage for team initiatives, maintaining strict enterprise controls when dealing with promotion of environments, keeping informed of other feature teams work, proactively identifying and resolving impediments or risks before impact can be observed, also promoting growth between employees.

Software Engineer |

  • Developed software verification plans and quality assurance procedures, produced specifications and determined operational feasibility, wrote well- designed and testable code, documented and maintained software functionality, troubleshot, debugged and upgraded existing systems, deployed programs and evaluated user feedback, also complied with project plans and industry standards.
  • Integrated software components into a fully functional software system, ensured software was updated with latest features, executed full software development life cycle (SDLC), developed flowcharts, layouts and documentation to identify requirements and solutions.
  • Supported setup of project infrastructure, including CI, automated deployments and promotion environments, provided out of hours support to various facets of IT infrastructure, collaborated with Scrum team, which involved improving the integrity and reliability of existing platform.

Junior Back — End Developer |

  • Collaborated with Front-end developers to integrate user-facing elements with server side logic, gathered and addressed technical and design requirements, oversaw cutting-edge technologies to improve legacy applications, performed UI tests to optimise performance, troubleshot and debugged applications, also participated in the entire application lifecycle, focusing on coding and debugging.
  • Managed the introduction of code testing and shared recommended policies with relevant stakeholders, also self-managed projects, which involved setting and adhering to deadlines, as well as providing extended support to peers and other departments as required.
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3 — Software Engineer Resume — Student

Student Software Developer |

  • Developed Macadamian Nurse Connect, a system to allow operating room surgeons to request emergency equipment through the use of a custom Alexa Skill and accompanying progressive web application.
  • Improved the functionality of “COVID-19 Community”, a statistics tracker and news aggregator for COVID-19 by integrating mobile responsiveness and improved statistic coverage through additional web scraping and API integration.
  • Advanced the development of an Administrator Panel for “Covid-19 Screener” a progressive web app used to screen over 300 healthcare professionals at Bruyere General Hospital for Covid-19 symptoms.

Junior Software Developer |

  • Implemented CRUD operations for existing data and business logic through a redesigned Administrator Panel.
  • Developed and deployed a lookup app for medical school applications using ASP.NET Core, SQL Server, and Docker.
  • Integrated AD User authentication and user booking cancellation feature for a laboratory equipment scheduler.

Freelance Web Developer |

  • Designed and developed responsive mobile-first websites for clients.
  • Engaged in professional correspondence with clients through email, phone, and in person.
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4 — Software Engineer Resume — Experienced

Software Engineer |

  • Developed a scalable data collection, management, audit and analysis web application in TypeScript, React.js and Node.js.
  • Implemented and setup patterns for the team to create dynamic forms in Material-UI using Formik form management.
  • Reported directly to the senior developer, performed code reviews and participated in scrum meetings that included clients.

Solutions Developer Intern |

  • Developed Chatbots in NodeJS & Python using Azure Cognitive Services (AI — text & speech analysis) with Cosmos and SQL.
  • Wrote Python scripts to automate the extraction of 10 years of version history of 15+ applications from a single repository.

VR/AR Software Engineer |

  • Designed and implemented mobile, computer, and Mixed Reality apps for demonstration and prototypes of the company.
  • Reported directly to the company management and helped them develop company’s future strategies for Mixed Reality work.

Software Engineering Intern |

  • Migrated 25% of spatial data impacting 4 cities in British Columbia by automating CAD software tasks with Python scripts.
  • Improved test coverage by 30% for Python scripts testing migrated data along and reporting accuracy results matrices.

Software Engineering in Test, Intern |

  • Improved H.265 decoder testing time by 45% by implementing a Python toolkit replacing the existing manual tests.
  • Wrote 2–3 reports and prepared decoder analysis presentations on weekly basis for the Research Manager and decoder team.
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5 — Full Stack Engineer Resume — Self-Taught

Lead Full-Stack Developer |

  • Design, development, implementation of a consumer-focused eCommerce platform which helps users find economic alternatives to full- priced products instantly.
  • Utilized the modern Javascript Frameworks including reactJS to build a modular, component-based frontend which is supported by an express/mongodb backend on NodeJS.
  • Designed and created optimized landing pages in HTML5 and CSS to support company’ s marketing and promotional needs which includes multiple marketing communication tool integrations and cross-browser compatibility.
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6 — IT Director Resume — Experienced

Director of IT |

  • Maintained over 100 servers with full responsibility for 100% system uptime and scaled technology and policies during company growth from 4 to 25 offices and 15 to 500 people.
  • Managed a team of ten IT professionals responsible for all corporate and local office systems, including applications, data centers, servers and storage, PCs, and telecom, which resulted in increased customer satisfaction to 90% while reducing the costs by %25.
  • Planned and managed physical-to-virtual server migration; retired over thirty servers and saved over $150K in infrastructure costs annually.

IT Support |

  • Configured and maintained all networking devices, workstations, server hardware, and operating systems.
  • Diagnosed and troubleshot Windows processing problems and applied solutions to increase company efficiency.
  • Implemented company policies, technical procedures, and standards for preserving the integrity and security of data, reports, and access.

Network Administrator |

  • Provided escalated IT support including hardware troubleshooting, backup and recovery, email communication and application support.
  • Ensured stability and security of network by regularly monitoring systems, trouble-shooting potential problems and cascading software issues to vendors for immediate resolution.

Network Administrator |

  • Setup, Supported and Managed LANs, WANs, Internet and Intranet systems.
  • Implement and Monitor Scheduled Maintenance Tasks and System Backups.
  • Installed, Maintained, and Supported all Microsoft Windows operating systems for all workstations and servers within the company network.
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7 — Director of Technology Resume — Executive

Interim Director of Technology |

  • Developed a 2-year technology strategy, aligned to the brand’s fast growth expectations, focussed on maximum return on investment whilst providing flexibility for the organisation to grow.
  • Identified a need to redevelop the company’s D2C website, and engaged with a fresh digital agency to deliver a brand new Shopify-based eCommerce site within 3 months without loss of traffic or conversion.
  • Delivered a project to migrate the business to a fully cloud-based infrastructure, enabling the Josh Wood Colour team to operate effectively together during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Technology Director |

  • Full audit of the technology estate in London, Boston and Amazon Web Services of over 90 servers.
  • Change program management, designing the timeline for the next 18 months.
  • Oversight of change projects in China, working with the Chinese C&E team on new order management systems across 3 regions.

Head of Technology |

  • IT strategy development and a 3-year roadmap.
  • Full IT infrastructure audit and new architectural design to integrate disparate systems and reduce operational costs by over 15%.
  • Project management of the implementing Netsuite for Finance, reducing the cost of operations within the Finance team by 20%.

Project Manager |

  • Management of several technology-oriented and business-oriented projects with teams in the UK, USA and Asia.
  • Engaged with stakeholders across the business (including board members) on delivering operations based projects.
  • Provided leadership to the project management team, helping to instil good project management governance and framework.

Head of IT |

  • Project management of a £2m Dynamics NAV ERP implementation, moving business to supportable and upgradable solution to run the business upon.
  • Partnered with operational departments to optimise operations using technology leading ultimately to a 15% drop in customer service tickets.
  • Recruited and developed a 20% increase in the IT team to support and evolve the Dynamics NAV solution.

Group IT Controller |

  • Full ownership and leadership of the technology team and £2m budget within the business.
  • Delivered project to replace the technology infrastructure within the business ready for a new ERP solution within 2 months.

Group IT Manager |

  • Recruited and developed the technology team to fully support the retail and operations sides of the £200m+ business.
  • Delivery of an IT service management framework and ticket management system handling over 7,000 support requests per year.
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8 — eCommerce Director Resume — Experienced

eCommerce Director |

  • Direction of eCommerce for JUUL Spain: SEO, Content, marketing, Product Managment, marketPlaces integration and strategy, etc.

eCommerce, Digital Marketing and Omnichannel Director |

  • Multiply sales by 2.2 in one year on the digital channels for Spain, UK and other European countries: own sites, Amazon (Vendor, FBA and MFN) and other Marketplaces, flash sales and drop shipping for ES and EMEA (UK, FR, IT y DE).
  • Increased omnichannel penetration and sales by 10x, including dropshipping and stores digitalization.

eCommerce & Digital Marketing Director |

  • Leading the eCommerce and Digital Marketing team (8 people) generated more than 75MM€ in digital sales by managing the full funnel.
  • CRM: Strategy, tools, KPI’s and user base growth with more than 1 million users.
  • Social Media: 1 million fans/followers with a strong SM strategy, performance based.

Co-Founder |

  • Company creation: product definition and prototyping, partners and providers selection, team hiring and leadership, relationship with investors and Marketing campaigns. Raised 2.5MM€ in Seed.
  • Generated business for 6000 clients (SMBs) with a budget of half million Euros using SEM, SEO and display campaigns.

Product & Marketing Director |

  • Defined the Coca-Cola Spain digital strategy for 2008–2011.
  • Created the first branded social network in Spain: Happing.es.
  • Built a disrupting tool for measuring the ROI of the community that was highlighted in eMetrics.

Head of Product Marketing & Merchant Services |

  • As the first ES employee, leaded the launch of the ES site, including a users from 100k to 1 million in one year.
  • As New Business director, supported to all the big companies who wanted to implement PayPal (Correos, Carrefour, etc).
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9 — UX Director Resume — Executive

Principal Consultant |

  • Established independent consultancy, leveraging extensive experience in high-end Interactive Agencies as Senior Producer/Product Manager/Account Manager (15+ yrs) and as Director, User Experience for two venture-funded mobile startups (5 yrs).
  • Deployed 11 core service offerings with an emphasis on leading high-impact consumer experience and growth strategy initiatives.
  • Applying data-driven behavioral insights and consumer marketing best practices, to deliver exceptional rates of acquisition, engagement, and retention to growth-oriented clients.

User Experience & Product Director |

  • Member of 3-person Core Management Team leading the growth of a well-established e-commerce and web development agency.
  • Led the Agile design and development of websites, mobile apps, and custom backend systems for multiple clients, managing a geographically dispersed team of designers, front/back-end developers, and DevOps engineers.
  • Established in-house design/UX function, delivering 3 comprehensive UX Audits, 5 interactive prototypes, and countless functional specs, user flows and wireframes, resulting in increased revenue streams from new and existing clients.

Senior Producer/Account Manager |

  • Using Agile methodologies, led teams of designers, writers, developers, and QA to the successful launch and ongoing development of 10+ high- quality web, mobile, and branding projects. Maintained SOWs, budgets, and work breakdown structures using GSuite, Jira, and Confluence.
  • Managed relationships with 3–5 clients at any given time, ensuring timely delivery and approval of all milestones and deliverables while minimizing scope creep and potential budget/schedule overages.

Senior Product Manager — Digital & Event Technology |

  • Executed 15+ digital marketing campaigns for UrbanDaddy’s slate of top-tier luxury clients, including web microsites, Facebook apps, email/mobile marketing campaigns, and custom ad products.
  • Managed experiential marketing activations for Johnnie Walker, Renaissance Hotels, and SONOS, including the program and UI design for 20+ interactive RFID touchscreens experiences.

Director of Product Experience |

  • Key member of the founding team of the $3.5M venture-funded location-based, mobile social networking start-up, Buzzd, Inc.

Director, User Experience |

  • Senior Product Lead for pioneering mobile social networking app offering effortless cross-platform media sharing and personal mobile broadcasting via native apps and embedded media players.
  • Led full app redesign in partnership with the award-winning industrial design firm, Frog Design, resulting in 350% increase of registered users in 6 months. Awarded 6 product awards from the likes of Webby Awards, Mashable, and Microsoft’s Under the Radar.
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10 — Product Manager Resume — Executive

Product Design, In-Residence |

  • Undergoing a 3-month coursework to master and apply design thinking process including: identifying customer needs, translating needs to specifications, prototyping, product architecture, product testing, business feasibility and environmental sustainability.
  • Employing the “Real-Win-Worth It” framework of the systematic innovation process, working with a diverse group of product enthusiasts to design a tele-assist subscription service that connects technology-challenged older adults with technical assistance providers.

Vice President, Program Manager |

  • Led the enterprise-wide end-to-end mapping of an integrated software development lifecycle process for the Bank’s USD 1.5bn technology change portfolio.
  • Led the roadmap planning to deliver a cohesive change management framework by engaging with multiple technology domain leads to analyze integration and business requirements across the Bank’s 5 technology domains.

Vice President, Program Management Office Lead |

  • Managed a program management office team that runs the oversight of Barclays’ USD 70mm cross-functional Comprehensive Capital and Analysis Review (CCAR) program ensuring on-target delivery of 128 deliverables across 5 work streams.
  • Re-designed the quality assurance process of CCAR deliverables, by reviewing operational issue specifically aligning with regulatory and business readiness requirements, achieving satisfactory ratings from both internal audit and the Federal Reserve.

Assistant Vice President, Program Management Office Manager |

  • Received an Excellence Award for developing a cross-functional process to manage Barclays’ CCAR inaugural exam, achieving 98% compliance to the Federal Reserve’s 2-day turnaround mandate.
  • Received a Service Award for facilitating the attestation process with multiple accountable executives leading up to the bank’s stand-up of the Intermediate Holding Company (IHC).
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11 — Data Science Resume — Executive

Data Scientist Design Consultant |
  • Developed machine learning data models for web-based, customer-facing, user experience centered prototypes for 5 different clients: Medicaid, Bristol-Myers Squibb, ADP, Nokia, Crown Castle.
  • Consulted and facilitated internal workshops of 15–20 people for visual designers, interaction designers, and experience designers on best practices for including artificial intelligence and machine learning in their designs.

Big Data Business Consultant |

  • Established and maintained effective relationships with key internal stakeholders as the primary liaison between business units and Telstra’s Big Data team of data scientists, data engineers, and business specialists.
  • Collaborated with data scientists to design and scope 3 different projects and implement advanced analytics such as neural networks and predictive modeling. Managed the DevOps processes for each project.

Business Resolution Lead |

  • Major incident manager for network outages, data breaches, privacy breaches, I.T. support issues, billing errors, product supply errors, and product failures impacting telecommunications services for 15 million retail customers.
  • Led a team to identify customer impact, define customer management strategies, and implement suitable remediation plans for over 100 different incidents in 8 months.

Lead Business Consultant |

  • Engagement Lead of teams between 5 and 30 on diverse projects including technology upgrades and capability increases, compliance/risk management, and process improvements for different clients.
  • Awarded the company’s prestigious 2015 Managing Directors Award, the firm’s highest award among a team of 250 consultants.
  • Telstra: Three-year engagement managing a team of up to 30 business analysts as part of an 80 million dollar program to secure customer information in I.T. systems in accordance with compliance and risk standards.

Lead Business Analyst |

  • Managed requirements documentation, communication plans, transition requirements, and risk analysis/management.
  • Implemented an end-to-end testing environment upgrade that significantly improved performance and system capacity.
  • Standard Operating Environment upgrade for 12,000 staff computers from Windows XP to Windows 7. Managed I.T. budgets of up to 9 million.
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12 — Data Scientist Resume — Experienced

Senior Data Scientist |

  • Collaborated with stakeholders to define and implement data science solutions that drive business growth.
  • Created an ensemble of models to predict short term rental revenue for any domicile in the US (patent in progress). $5M ROI.
  • Developed ETL pipelines to extract data from sources such as US Census, OpenStreetMaps, and NOAA weather and store them in S3.

Visual Designer |

  • Consulted with scientists to develop illustrations and data visualizations that supported data analysis and communication.
  • Designs published in major scientific journals such as Cell, Nature Genetics, and Neuron.
  • Developed resources on how to design effective data visualizations for biologists.

Graduate Researcher |

  • Discovered molecules and neuronal circuits involved in sleep regulation, and identified an unconventional method of neuronal regulation.
  • Developed custom visualizations of complex spatial data to explore and communicate results.
  • Led two projects; delivered 30+ presentations.
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13 — Data Analyst Resume — Entry Level

Business Analyst |

  • Weekly reporting and maintenance of multimillion-dollar Blispay portfolio for Venture Capital and Private Equity firms.
  • Queried data for and built Balance Transfers machine learning model estimated to save $2.8 Million per year in account acquisition costs.
  • Developed strategy for and cleaned and uploaded data into company-wide Graph Database estimated to save $1.8 Million per year in fraud applications.

2018 Fellow |

  • Chosen for Andrew Yang’s highly selective fellowship (9% acceptance rate) that pairs recent college graduates with start-ups in emerging tech cities throughout the United States.
  • Participated in a comprehensive 5-week training program facilitated by McKinsey, IDEO, Quicken Loans, DUO Security and a wide variety of successful entrepreneurs.
  • Topics included financial modeling, UI/UX, computer programming, strategy, data analysis and public speaking.

Leadership Intern |

  • Mined public education records and ran regressions on thousands of lines of data in order to find correlations between school spending and student outcomes.
  • Results served as the quantitative foundation for Think New Mexico’s annual policy report and corresponding state legislature bill passed in January 2019.
  • Lobbied for the repeal of New Mexico’s food tax, the continuation of college scholarships funded by lottery revenue, and education finance reform.

State Intern |

  • Collaborated with field representatives in coordinating staff-led round table discussions around the Senator’s legislative priorities with constituencies throughout the state.
  • Presented policy proposal regarding renewable energy infrastructure to entire legislative staff.
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14 — Federal Policy Analyst Resume — Entry Level

Office of National Drug Control Policy Intern |

  • Served in External Affairs under the Office of the Director, preparing daily briefings regarding more than twenty official visits and policy proposals relating to the mission of the office.
  • Performed primary research on faith-based addiction recovery curriculums to be utilized by the White House and HHS. This is in the process of publication and will be released to tens of thousands of religious and recovery leaders around the country.

Finance and Facilities Intern |

  • Aided in preliminary research to promote streamlined day-to-day financial operations as a member of The Finance and Facilities Division. This led to faster transaction processing within the section and was performed through the implementation of increased group transparency and cooperation in order to promote project-based collaboration.
  • Composed and delivered five presentations to Unit Chiefs regarding section job performance and expectation criteria based upon data analysis surveys performed by Bureau personnel. This led to an evaluation regarding section practices and work environment structure. This is currently being utilized through the FBI’s move of the Finance and Facilities Division to Huntsville, Alabama.
  • Conducted research relating to the transfer of 4,000 jobs to Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, AL, including research on housing availability, education opportunities, and financial impacts directly relating to the transfer. This information was compiled and presented to individuals moving to Huntsville in order to allow for a smooth transition process into a new office and home environment.

Digital Strategy Intern |

  • Implemented an update of the foundation’s brand management relating to owned, traditional, and paid media presence. This was done utilizing program alumni support and revamping the foundation’s outreach efforts to students and donors.
  • Performed routine database management by detecting and correcting corrupt or inaccurate records from the foundation’s student and donor customer relation management databases.
  • Assisted the foundation’s legal department in developing additional security features to protect the organization’s intellectual property leading to implemented changes in the organization of database structure.

Congressional Intern for Congressman Dana Rohrabacher |

  • Procured tens of thousands of discovery documents for a lawsuit over allegations of misfeasance by Congressman Rohrabacher’s campaign treasurer leading to an eventual settlement in the lawsuit.
  • Cataloged customer service responses made by phone, email, and social media relating to the Congressman’s legislative work allowing for increased transparency between the Congressman and his constituents.
  • Provided assistance to the Congressman at official events, including fundraising ventures and public appearances.
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15 — Economic Analyst Resume — Entry Level

Junior Program Officer |

  • Developed business intelligence reporting tool that dynamically produces reports and dashboards highlighting quantified improvements within programs attributable to changes following lean process improvement events.
  • Thoroughly wrote documentation to accompany large business intelligence project to aid users in navigation as well as future developers for the tool’s continuous improvements.
  • Supported lean awareness sessions and conferences aimed at fostering an efficient culture within the agency to better support taxpayers.

Analyst — Economist |

  • Researched and collected data in federal macroeconomic accounts database and Excel as a member of the first team to work on the process behind publishing annual financial data of First Nations Bands in Canada on a micro and aggregate level for statistical analysis.
  • Captured 33% more data than average due to unconventional methods, providing more time to research missing data and be the first to start post hoc analysis.
  • Analyzed trends in aggregate and individual categories in expenditure of funds received from the federal government within First Nations communities.

Portfolio Analyst |

  • Supported predictive analytics by developing a statistical model using a computational algorithm (Monte Carlo) that tracks possible systems failures and maintenance requirements over a capital asset’s life cycle.
  • Analyzed departmental payments to tax authorities to determine multiple geographical locations within the real property portfolio that are overpaying, potentially saving millions in future tax payments.
  • Built Excel dashboards to provide statistics on the $26 billion federal real property portfolio at both macro and micro levels.
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16 — Equity Research Analyst Resume — Experienced

Equity Research Analyst |

  • Maintained pro forma financial models for 21 retail stocks, analyzed and forecasted the quarterly results of companies such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Costco, Home Depot, and Lowe’s.
  • Performed ad hoc analysis (such as market share estimates, pricing studies, and market sizing) for clients in order to answer questions and provide insights on covered companies and subsectors.
  • Developed and maintained a proprietary quantitative and qualitative investment framework featured prominently in GS research reports, complementing and highlighting the firm’s retail sector outlook.

Equity Research Summer Analyst |

  • Created financial models and forecasts and gave a stock recommendation presentation to senior division leaders.
  • Developed proprietary datasets using VBA, leveraged insights from the data to inform the team’s industry views.
  • Contributed to quarterly earnings publications by independently updating models and taking notes on earnings calls.
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17 — IT Business Analyst Resume — Experienced

IT Business Analyst Lead |

  • Collaborate with the product owner to determine priority, maintain backlog, and escalate issues for four feature teams to ensure on time delivery of road-map features.
  • Subject matter expert for Products and Pricing providing expertise to developers and business partners ensuring that the features being delivered have proper system design with no defects while keeping a customer focus.
  • Partner with design authority and vendor to develop high level design to create epics and stories for incoming work.

IT Business Analyst |

  • Collaborated with stakeholders to hold design sessions to write and further refine user stories on four different sprint teams.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve critical production and non production defects
  • Coordinated across BA leadership, vendor management, finance, and facilities to manage sponsorship and on-boarding of consultants.

Business Aligned Lead |

  • Provided support to infrastructure and application development counterparts during impacting production incidents.
  • Collaborated with resolvers and business customers to determine the internal and external customer impact and cause of incidents.
  • Drove improvement on firm-wide metrics through analysis and communication of key performance indicators.

IT Business Analyst |

  • Worked in a waterfall setting to analyze the requirements provided by the business BAs and design a solution.
  • Responsible for communicating with stakeholders to create a design by participating in requirements gathering and design sessions.
  • Maintained functional documents by collaborating with business users and developers to document the current functionality of the system.
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18 — Process Engineer Resume — Experienced

Sr. Analyst Industrial Engineering |

  • CIEO is a group that acts as internal consultants to various business units within the airline on analytics and transformation projects and strategic initiatives. Applied Lean, Six Sigma, and complex data analysis skills on improvement projects both as a team member and team leader in airport, catering, network operations, and customer experience.
  • Development of “Test and Learn” statistical framework and tools for setting up and designing experiments on customer experience metrics.
  • Buildout of operational metrics dashboards to drive decision-making for operations senior leaders from SQL-based data.

Process Business Analyst |

  • Responsible for various complex business and systems process analysis, design, and simulation, including improvements on the Fraud Alert Management Team. Analyze and Re-engineer processes with a focus on process changes and technology solution implementations.
  • Designed and developed automated dashboards to inform about risks to ASA and AHT metrics as well as SLA’s with bank clients
  • Defined and improved fraud management processes flows to increase speed of resolution and achieved $ 2 million in labor savings from reducing false positives.

Systems and Process Improvement Business Analyst |

  • Act as a liaison between the business side of the organization and the software development teams by serving the role of subject matter expert on TracFone’s customer-facing systems such as the web channels or the mobile apps.
  • Transform business functional and non-functional requirements into detailed and documented user interface system requirements and processes to support operations.
  • Designed process flows for three key customer journeys of TracFone’s brands.
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19 — Supply Chain Manager Resume — Experienced

Deployment & Supply Chain Project Manager |

  • Detected and deployed necessary resource, process and system infrastructure changes through various project initiatives, to support 5yr business growth plan across EMEA. 100% success rate in the first year of market expansion, delivering £11.4m incremental sales in 2019.
  • Optimized network and reduced complexity of supply chain. Developed in-house distribution requirement planning solution. Internal sales order OTIF improved from 65% in 2018 to 95% in 2019. Sales order fulfillment potential achieved 95.4% average in 2019 against 86% average for 2018.

Inventory Manager |

  • Created strategy and training for Inventory Planning team to maintain optimal control over 5000 SKU’s with annual inventory budget of £150m. Categorized products to reduce overall inventory by 20%, improved availability by 15%. Inventory turn increased from annual average of 2 to 4.
  • Developed procedures, standards, and system functionalities to more efficiently and effectively manage goals and objectives within the department. ERP driven purchasing hierarchy structure increased teams productivity by 30% freeing up average of 20h a week of senior management time.
  • Played pivotal role in opening of the European manufacturing site. Trained the new office on ERP software as well as inventory and purchasing responsibilities. Created phased production plans maintaining availability above 95%.

Demand Planner |

  • Built gross production forecasts and net sales forecasts for strategic national accounts. OTIF improved within 6 months from 69% to 98%.
  • Increased FDM (Food,Drug & Mass) channel forecast accuracy to over 80% from below 40%.
  • Led cross-functional planning meetings with Sales and Marketing teams to align the demand plan. Channel sales grown by $10m YOY, planned seasonal promotions and new launches resulted in 100% OTIF.
  • Played a pivotal role in the development and implementation of ERP forecasting platform. Tested, standardized and aligned business process.

Inventory Data Analyst |

  • Championed Inventory Management Solution by working in a close relationship with 10+ customers, developing insightful ABC analysis of their inventory leading to 20% SOH value decrease after 12 weeks.
  • Audited daily cycle counting results and processes, managed data and shared monthly summaries with management teams. Created predictive models to support safety stock requirements, maintained 100% availability on A&B products.
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20 — Global Marketing Resume — Executive

Digital Platform Marketing Senior Executive |

  • Led brand site operation for the Sulwhasoo and Laneige of 11 global brand sites. Directed main page renewal for Sulwhasoo with mobile first strategy that drives 10% increase of mobile visitors. Created brand site exclusive contents for global brand sites as well as AP mall.
  • Developed Seasonal marketing campaign for Amorepacific brand sites. Analyzed user journey during the holiday season and proposed development of main visual and curation of gift recommendation.

Brand Experience Marketing Senior Project Manager |

  • Developed Samsung’s Visual Display for new hardware product marketing platforms which was displayed at Lead Samsung Q LED TV Unpacked 2018 event in New York and 2017 at Louvre, Paris. Invited over 1,000 media and partners around the globe. Managed 3M USD budget and 6 internal and external parties.
  • Led 2019 CES for Coway, 2018 Samsung Visual Display and 2018 IFA Samsung Home Appliance exhibition project management. Developed experience program and Managed project time line and 1.5~2.5M USD budget for each project.

Retail Marketing Account Executive |

  • Led mobile product launching marketing in retail channels. Developed campaign message and content in specified sales environment.
  • Initiated launching marketing platform for mobile hardware stores. Developed engaged brand communication message which resulted in a 20% increase in store visitors at targeted stores in China and UK.
  • Standardized global Samsung mobile store construction process. Directed 3D design software development and construction management manual. The new manual resulted in a 20% cost saving for 500 mobile stores in India, Africa, and Latin America.
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21 — Global Research Assistant — Entry Level

Research Assistant |

  • Worked with one of the renowned electronic materials and component companies and took part in the research of China electronic materials and component industry and the competitors in it.
  • Investigated the profitability, product portfolio, technology level, CAPA expansion plans and future strategy of the competitors.

Research Assistant |

  • Took part in an open project led by influential Startup accelerators and venture capital firms to stimulate the Startup ecosystem in Korea. * Mainly took part in domestic/overseas research of startup investment and M&A cases and policy toward startup investment.
  • Participated in domestic and overseas expert interviews and wrote interview notes.

Brand Management Team Intern |

  • Assisted the contracts with 42 Korean fashion select shops, writing the documents of contracts.
  • Translated from English to Korean — The 2019 FW season brand catalogs of 7 brands including Andersen-Andersen, Engineered Garments.
  • Assisted with promoting the successful launch of an Italian brand in Korean market, interviewing the overseas sales representatives of the Italian brand and setting up the plans to advertise the brand.

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